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Mobydata participated in the 2nd Community Group Group Buying Summit Forum.

Time:2021-03-30 Views:144
As the world‘s leading supplier of automatic data collection, Mobydata brought the latest product M92 full-screen PDA to this summit forum. In order to be better applicable to practical scenarios such as logistics warehousing and retailing, Mobydata focuses on technology-driven, software is constantly updated and upgraded, and provides targeted and customized development services for different platforms and applications. Intelligent data collection and classification can be achieved in mobile payment, price inquiry, etc., which speeds up the transmission of information and improves the management efficiency of the warehouse.
In this industry forum, Mobydata was awarded the honor of "2020 Excellent Service Provider", which fully affirmed us in providing convenient and intelligent barcode solutions for customers. Mobydata pays attention to product quality and technological innovation, understands the pain points and difficulties of customers, leads the market demand with innovation, and will provide customers with more advanced and excellent products and technical services in the future.
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